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Welcome to Normandy by Marie, where a journey through this enchanting region is brought to life by me, a proud Normandy native guide. I’ll be happy to share the rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty that has shaped this corner of France.

Every traveler is different, and I understand the importance of tailoring each tour to your interests and preferences. From the iconic Mont Saint-Michel and the charming towns like Honfleur, Deauville or Bayeux to the D-Day landing beaches and the rolling landscapes of the Pays d'Auge, let's craft an itinerary that suits you best.

Forget the stress of navigating unfamiliar terrain. I'll take care of all the logistics, leaving you free to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and flavors of Normandy. Whether it's a half-day excursion or a full-week adventure, you'll be in good hands.

Normandy has it all. Explore medieval castles, World War II history, and the beauty of impressionist landscapes. Savor the flavors of Normandy cheeses, apple cider, and fresh seafood caught along the coast.

Whether you're a history enthusiast, a photographer, or simply seeking a transformative travel experience, there's something for everyone on my guided journeys. Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the enchanting Normandy region? Let me be your local guide, sharing stories, insights, and a true passion for this captivating corner of France.

Together, we'll make your Normandy adventure a memory to treasure.

D-Day & WW2

Step back in time to one of the most pivotal moments in history with my D-Day Landing Beaches Tour in Normandy, focusing on the American sector. Join me on an unforgettable journey through the hallowed grounds where brave soldiers once stormed the shores, forever changing the course of World War II.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel

When it comes to iconic landmarks and enchanting destinations, few places can match the allure of Mont Saint-Michel. Rising dramatically from the tidal flats of its bay, this medieval masterpiece has captivated the hearts and minds of travelers for centuries. As a tour guide in this region, I invite you to embark on a journey that transcends time and space, where the past meets the present in an extraordinary fusion of history, architecture, and natural beauty.

Food & Drink tour

Embark on a delectable journey through the heart of Normandy with my exclusive food tour. This carefully crafted expedition promises an immersive experience as we explore the region's rich culinary heritage. From the aromatic Calvados distilleries to exquisite cheese shops and the sweet allure of a caramel factory, each stop is a celebration of Normandy's gastronomic treasures.

Le Pays d'Auge

For those seeking a glimpse into rural Normandy's traditions and natural beauty, come and explore the picturesque countryside, charming villages, and culinary delights of the Pays d’Auge area. This tour is designed to transport you to the heart of Normandy, where quaint villages nestled amid rolling hills await your exploration. From the cobbled streets of a village to the historic charm of the other, each one holds its own story and unique character.


Enhance Your Journey with Exclusive Extras

I believe in making your travel experience truly personalized and tailored to your desires. That's why I am excited to introduce a selection of captivating extras that can be seamlessly added to any of the existing tours. Whether you're yearning for an exclusive culinary adventure, a deeper dive into local history, or a touch of luxury to elevate your stay, my extras are designed to complement and enhance your journey. For detailed information on my extras or to discuss how you can tailor your journey, feel free to reach out to me.


Bayeux is a town where history whispers in the breeze and culture flourishes around every corner. Nestled in the heart of Normandy, this enchanting town boasts cobbled streets, medieval architecture, and an ambiance that seamlessly blends the old-world allure with modern vibrancy. Bayeux is not only home to the world-renowned Bayeux Tapestry, a mesmerizing embroidery that tells the tale of William the Conqueror, but it also offers a wealth of cultural treasures, from the majestic Bayeux Cathedral to charming local markets. Bayeux also serves as an ideal starting point for exploring the D-Day landing beaches, where history changed the course of World War II.


Granville, a coastal treasure nestled in the heart of Normandy, where the past comes to life against a stunning backdrop of the sea. The town is known for its historic old town, sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and a bustling harbor. It is also home to the Christian Dior Museum, dedicated to the famous fashion designer who was born in the town. Seeking a relaxed seaside getaway? Granville beckons – a place where history, culture, and the sea intertwine. Let's embark on an adventure that leaves you with a deep connection to this coastal wonder.


Discover Honfleur, a quaint coastal town that has captivated the hearts of artists, travelers, and romantics for centuries. Nestled in the Pays d’Auge area, Honfleur is a hidden gem just waiting to be explored : its historic Vieux Bassin (Old Basin) that invites you to experience the town's maritime legacy, the ambiance of Sainte-Catherine's Church, a stunning wooden structure, Its ever-changing light that has have long inspired impressionist artists like Monet, Boudin and many more.


Step into the enchanting world of Saint-Malo, where history meets the sea in a breathtaking dance. This fortified coastal town, perched on the rugged Brittany coastline, exudes a timeless elegance and a maritime spirit that beckons exploration. Wander through the labyrinthine streets of the historic « Intra-Muros » (Old Town), enclosed within formidable ramparts, and discover the echoes of privateers and corsairs who once roamed these shores. Charming boutiques, savor delectable seafood, and invigorating sea air, here’s what to expect in Saint-Malo.


Let me bring you to Deauville, a captivating coastal gem that beckons travelers seeking elegance, luxury, and an unforgettable taste of the French seaside. Immerse yourself in the refined atmosphere as you stroll along the iconic Planches boardwalk, adorned with stylish beach cabins, and bask in the allure of the Casino Barrière. Deauville's grand Belle Époque architecture provides a perfect backdrop for leisurely exploration. Whether you're drawn to the golden beaches, upscale boutiques, or the cultural richness that permeates every corner, my tour invites you to experience the sophistication and leisure that define the charm of Deauville.

Discover the Heart of Normandy with a local expert

I'm Marie, a 27-year-old native of enchanting Normandy. Growing up surrounded by the region's rich history, I developed an unwavering passion for heritage that has fueled my journey to becoming a licensed tour guide. Endowed with a professional card from the French Ministry of Culture, I am proud to be recognized as a dedicated professional in my field. My mission is to share the captivating tales embedded in Normandy's historic tapestry, offering a unique perspective and an insider's insight into the region's hidden gems and well-known treasures.

Whether you're a history enthusiast, a food lover, or a nature admirer, there's something here for everyone.

Join me in exploring the picturesque landscapes and storied landmarks that make Normandy truly exceptional, as we embark on a journey through time together.

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